Phoenix Elder Abuse Attorneys

Picture of elder lawEach year, millions of older Americans suffer abuse at the hands of their friends, relatives, scam artists, caretakers and other individuals they trust. Unfortunately, less than 20% of this abuse is reported to the proper authorities. At Miller Kory Rowe LLP, our Phoenix, Arizona elder abuse attorneys are dedicated to helping seniors and their families who have suffered negligent or intentional abuse – regardless of whether it is financial, emotional or physical.

Arizona Elder Abuse Attorneys Understand the Impact of Elder Abuse

We handle each elder abuse case with compassion and professionalism to help ensure justice is served. We have the credibility and experience needed to ensure elder abuse incidents are investigated and to determine if a settlement can be achieved, or if a lawsuit needs to be filed and criminal prosecution needs to occur.

When you contact our Arizona elder abuse lawyers, you can schedule a free consultation to review your case. If you choose to hire us, we will never charge you fees unless we can help you successfully recover compensation.

What Exactly Is Elder Abuse?

The phrase “elder abuse” refers to any negligent or intentional act by a caregiver or another person that results in harm or the serious risk of harm to an elderly or vulnerable adult. If a family member has put a loved one in an elderly care facility, assisted living facility or nursing home, they expect professional and personalized care. Unfortunately, cases of abuse and neglect are extremely common. If your loved one is taken advantage of, it may go on undetected and be a devastating realization when the facts are finally discovered.

Cases of elder abuse can be mental, financial or physical. Some of the most common signs of this type of abuse include:

  • Indications that medical care is being mismanaged, including unmarked or empty bottles of outdated prescriptions.
  • Caregivers who change health care or social providers often or who refuse to apply for any outside services or economic aid for the senior.
  • Unattended health issues or poor personal hygiene.
  • A complexion that is abnormally pale.
  • Open welts, bruises, cuts or wounds.
  • Sudden changes in financial documents or a will.
  • Issues sleeping or nightmares.
  • The absence of ventilation, heat, water or food.
  • Improper clothing or attire for the weather.
  • Not providing access to wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, eyeglasses or dentures.
  • Urine or fecal smells.
  • Fear of the person providing care.
  • A sudden or significant weight loss.

Those represent just some of the indications that a senior may be a victim of elder abuse.

Who Can File an Elder Abuse Lawsuit?

There are several people who can file an elder abuse lawsuit, including a family member, close loved one or guardian. Our Phoenix, Arizona elder abuse attorneys can assist with this filing and ensure everything is handled properly and filed promptly.

There are several options a person can take if they suspect abuse, but all need to be handled with care to ensure the victim’s privacy is respected. We understand cases of elder abuse and how difficult and emotional the situation can be. In many cases, we can conclude an elder abuse case out of the courtroom, but we are ready and willing to litigate the situation if necessary. Our goal is to help you achieve the most desirable outcome for your case.

Who Can You Sue for Elder Abuse?

If your senior loved one is in a nursing home, then the owners of the facility, as well as the person responsible for the actual abuse can be sued. In personal situations, the person facilitating the abuse can be sued.

Cases of elder abuse can be complex. If you suspect this is going on with your senior loved one, it is best to contact our team of Arizona elder abuse attorneys to review the facts of your case. We will ensure that justice is served.