Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation and Arbitration

two people shaking hands in conference roomEven though Arizona courts move at a much quicker pace than the courts of many other states, the process is still time-consuming and expensive. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a modern response to these time and money concerns and may be appropriate for a particular case. Even in cases which are filed as lawsuits, the trial court may offer or order some form of ADR.


Mediation is an opportunity to resolve cases before taking a dispute to trial. In trial, strangers decide a case based on the limited information allowed to be introduced as evidence. In mediation, the parties strive to reach an agreement that ends the dispute. Mediation also helps to save at least some of the often enormous costs of litigation and trial, which permits parties to be more flexible with the terms of settlement.

Jeff Miller assists attorneys and their clients to reach a resolution that provides the security that comes with finality. He does so with over 35 years of experience in litigation. His experience includes over a decade at a noted Phoenix insurance defense firm as well as his current position at Miller Kory Rowe handling cases on behalf of injured parties. He is certified as a specialist in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death law by the State Bar of Arizona, which requires trial experience as well as demonstrated expertise in those areas. His ongoing experience as a lawyer actually trying cases brings real world knowledge about trial and its prospects to the table.

Jeff accepts mediation assignments in all areas of personal injury law, including: auto, motorcycle and trucking accidents, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, construction site and other injury cases.


In an arbitration, the arbitrator sits in the role of judge, hearing evidence and making a decision which resolves a dispute. It is a very different role than that of a mediator, who helps the parties find a resolution they reach by agreement. Arbitration offers the potential for finality (when the arbitration is “binding”) or can give the parties a preview of how an independent person or jury might decide a case (when the arbitration is “non-binding”).

Jeff Miller serves in the role of arbitrator when asked to do so by counsel for parties who have been unable to reach an agreement and do not wish to mediate.

Attorneys seeking dates for mediations or arbitrations with Jeff Miller are invited to call (602) 737-0342. Fee schedule and CV available on request.