“Recently, my family endured a terrible experience at a nursing care facility. Due to neglect and poor treatment we lost my Dad, my kids’ grandfather, and my grand kids’ great grandfather. We suffered a significant loss across generations. During this time, the only one to truly know of the wrong being done was my Dad. As a family, we noticed only a portion of the inhumane treatment being done to him and fought as hard as we could to protect him and stand up for him. We felt helpless. As a family we are everyday people, with limited means for nursing care assistance, who felt my Dad and us were let down, abused, and left by the wayside. We were left with no way out, ending in the loss of a great life and history. That being said, we as a family were BLESSED to be introduced to Gabe Kory (Johnny two-socks, as our family came to call him) and his awesome, concerned, compassionate, and professional firm! There weren’t any suits or ties during our experience. He was an Average Joe lawyer for the Average Joe. We as a family, learned that facilities could truly be held accountable for their actions, and that the average family wasn’t powerless. We could seek justice for our loved one. From day one Gabe Kory and his firm showed genuine compassion and showed concern for our family. Any questions, anything at all, we knew that Gabe would address all our needs. We never felt like we were dealing with a law firm, but with REAL people with passion and drive for seeking the truth. I had never had to use a law firm before – this was a real experience. Gabe’s firm has the most professional team at their disposal. Gabe and his team, at all times, were hands on, and kept our family abreast of every step and situation. We as a family were treated with love and professionalism, every step of the way. They were awesome. Kind and truthful people who left nothing to chance at any time. They convinced me and my family that when people say, “Lawyers are only out for themselves,” they have never known a firm like this one. Let it be known that if you and your family need real and professional legal help, Gabe Kory (Johnny two socks) and company are the exact loving people you and yours could ever be blessed to have help you with your legal needs.”


“When my mother sustained head trauma shortly after arriving at a Behavioral heath facility in Phoenix due to negligence of the facility staff, I contacted the law firm of Miller, Kory, Rowe LLP. My case was taken by Gabe Kory and his Legal Assistant, Lorraine. Naturally it was a very emotional time for me, however, the two of them had a calming effect on me do to their compassion and understanding of the situation. My case was the sort of elder abuse/negligence case that Mr. Kory specializes in. Mr. Kory’s expertise and passion for these types of cases is what resulted in my winning a settlement against this corporation far and above what they typically paid in restitution in similar cases. I whole hardily recommend Mr. Kory and his Law Firm to anyone that loses an elderly parent due to the negligence of a facility entrusted with the care of your loved one.”


“My family is grateful to Gabe Kory and his team for helping us through a very difficult time. Caring for our mom after her injury and eventual passing was often too much to bear. Gabe and his team were compassionate , caring and great advocates for our mom and took the worry of dealing with the elder abuse she suffered off of our hands. Gabe was available to take a phone call or he would promptly return one. We highly recommend Miller, Kory, Rowe to anyone who is looking for justice on behalf of a loved one.
With heartfelt thanks!
Claudia’s Daughters”


“Miller Kory Rowe LLP helped me to navigate a challenging settlement during a difficult time. I am unfamiliar with accident law but the professionals at Miller Kory Rowe guided me through each step of the process. Jeff Miller and his paralegal Sharon Maggio provided clear, honest, and timely communication. Without Miller Kory Rowe LLP, my claim settlement would not have even covered my medical bills. Jeff Miller and Sharon Maggio worked diligently on my behalf to ensure I received a fair settlement. They consistently exceeded my expectations. I am incredibly grateful and highly recommend this law firm.”

Katey Street

“There aren’t enough words to express my family’s gratitude for the team at Miller Kory Rowe LLP. I had never worked with an attorney before, but after the sudden, traumatic death of my Mom, we were looking for some answers and a sense of justice. It was important to us to find someone with integrity that we could trust. From our first call to MKR to the resolution of our case, each person we interacted with at MKR treated our entire family with empathy, dignity, and genuine respect. Gabriel Kory is a brilliant, passionate, and relentless advocate. He left no stone unturned on behalf of our family. He always made himself available to answer our many questions, and gave us an honest assessment of where our case stood every step of the way. Calls and emails were always answered right away. Lorraine, their Advanced Certified Paralegal, was not only a kind voice on the other end of the phone during a difficult time, but a detail oriented professional who made sure we had all of the necessary paperwork in a timely manner, with clear instructions on what we needed to do next. Losing a loved one is painful, and fighting for justice in the midst of grief is grueling. Having a skilled, hardworking, and devoted team of staff and attorneys working with and for us meant everything. I now understand why so many families send holiday cards to the team at MKR years after their cases are resolved. I never thought I would say this about a law firm, but I will always see Gabriel Kory and the MKR team who advocated for us as honorary members of our family. We are so grateful for all they’ve done for us, and for all they do to make care facilities safer places for vulnerable older adults. If you are facing a loss like ours, or need to pursue justice for a loved one and don’t know where to start, I cannot recommend Miller Kory Rowe highly enough.”


“Miller Kory Rowe LLP, that’s who you call! Gabe Kory returned my call and what a blessing that was. He listened, he was empathetic, yet he promised nothing until he could research and review ‘our nightmare.’ And back he came, strongly believing and agreeing a wrongful death had occurred. We wanted the people who horribly cared for our mother; causing her death, to answer to the horror our mom and our family had to endure. Gabe got it! He is an amazing, intelligent, no holding back attorney and an even more amazing person. When he believes in you and your case, there is no stopping him. To the end, his commitment never waned and to the end, his due diligence prevailed. Our thank you to Gabe and the entire team at MKR is difficult to put into words. Most important to us was we needed satisfaction, closure and most importantly, peace…mainly for our mother. We pray she is at peace though we will never stop loving and missing her. And we thank God for sending Gabe Kory to us. He never stopped believing.”

Laura Oien and Tina DiBella

“You won’t find a better law firm! I have known Kory for more than 20 years and his dedication and work ethic are second to none.”

Curtis Boldman

“The lawyers at MKR are top notch. Some of the best in the state. As a practicing lawyer myself, these are people I go to for guidance and support. Great people. Excellent firm.”

John Torgenson

“Highly recommend this law firm. We are grateful for the quality of representation and personal treatment we received. Mr. Kory acted in our best interest and we felt in control and well informed at all times. We found Mr. Kory to be very professional, confident, upfront, honest, compassionate, and true to his every word. Our best decision was hiring this firm to represent us. We were in good hands every step of the way.”

Saundra Smith

“I would highly recommend this law firm. The staff is very friendly and caring. They are all highly knowledgeable, and will assist you through the entire process to make it as least stressful as possible.”

Kaitlyn Nelson

“We felt at ease through the arduous case process, from the first contact, with this very professional team. There was never a doubt, after we met them, that we would not only win, but be treated with the utmost respect and caring. The support we received was beyond our expectations. Their compassion and humor was truly a gift . . . and we were quite pleased with the generous settlement secured on our behalf.”

Margot Eicher

“I was referred to Miller Kory Rowe LLP after the sudden loss of my Mom. It says a lot when you are refereed to a different Lawyer because they are so highly recommended from their peers. It was great comfort to have Gabe and his Team of spectacular people with support and going to extra mile for my Brother and I in such a stressful time in our lives. No matter what complications that happen with our case they did an amazing job. The case settled out of court in our favor which meant the World to me vs. the pain of a trial.”

Debbie Walker

“It is a very prestigious office not only for the quality of the work but for the humility of each one of its attorneys, that their passion is to serve every one of their clients as a family member. The office in general does everything that is in their hands to assist in the best way possible every single individual that comes in through the doors of Miller Kory Rowe LLP.”

Daisy Ochoa

“We researched a few law offices that would handled a delicate case in behalf of our beloved mother. From our initial meeting to the final, the experience was handled with professionalism, pride and respectful. We couldn’t have gone to a better law firm to handle our case. I highly recommend this law firm for any of your love ones with a wrongful death. We can now bring closure to the care center in this case, however, closure in loosing my mother in such matter will take time for healing. Thanks to Jeff, Gab, Lorraine, Lupe, and the rest of the staff for caring.”

Yolanda V.

“He is an excellent lawyer and a dedicated advocate for his clients. He has the highest degree of fairness and integrity towards clients, colleagues, and opposing counsel.”


“As a family we were at a loss with the death of my step-father, Mr. Kory came highly recommended from another law firm who did not deal with our type of case. From the very first phone call and meeting Mr. Kory and Lorraine put our family at ease, they explained every step along the way. It is hard to put into words what Gabe Kory & Lorraine did for us. They deserve a 100 stars– their compassion, trust and understanding of what we as a family were going through was beyond our expectations. They were always Looking out for my mother and us, she will never have to worry about herself or her future care because of Gabe Kory. They took the lead and joined us in our fight for justice and accountability which will become a learning tool and protect others in the future not to suffer the same fate.”

Carrie Elias