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picture of legal malpracticeWhen Miller Kory Rowe LLP accepts a new client, we focus solely on meeting their needs. Our firm only accepts certain types of cases in order to allow us to focus on the clients we have and get them the justice and compensation they deserve. There are instances when people will hire a lawyer and will not get the level of service they signed up for. Understanding the different between incompetence and negligence is essential when trying to decide whether or not legal malpractice has taken place.

Unfortunately, legal malpractice takes place far more often than most people realize. Proving legal malpractice requires our lawyers to show one of the following:

  • Duty – Showing that the attorney in question owed you a duty and failed to deliver.
  • Breach – Proving that the duty you were supposed to be provided was breached. This basically means we have to show your lawyer acted in a blatantly  negligent manner.
  • Causation – We have to show the judge and jury that the negligent actions of the attorney caused you financial distress. Once we prove this, we will show the negligence of your attorney caused you to lose money and will ask for damage compensation as a result.

Showing that your attorney made errors is one thing, but providing legal malpractice is on another level. Our team of lawyers have handled many cases involving legal malpractice and will be able to assist you in recouping the damages caused by the negligent party.
The Statistics on Legal Malpractice

In order to understand more about legal malpractice and just how common it is, take a look at the following statistics.

  • Nearly 19% of the legal malpractice lawsuits filed are against personal injury attorneys.
  • Preparation and filing errors are among the most common reasons for these lawsuits.
  • 20% of the legal malpractice cases are due to mistakes during the prehearing process.
  • 3600 legal malpractice cases last year were filed due to the lawyer failing to file vital paperwork.
  • 2200 of the legal malpractice cases filed last year were due to conflicts of interest.
  • 3.5% of all legal malpractice lawsuits are for malicious prosecution.

Do you feel as if you have been a victim of legal malpractice? The team at Miller Kory Rowe LLP is here to help. By scheduling a consultation with our legal team, you can find out what your rights are and how we can help you.

Situations That May Require You to File a Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

For most people, knowing what constitutes legal malpractice is a bit of a challenge. Here are some of the situations that can be considered legal malpractice.

  • Your Lawyer Misused the Retainer Money You Paid Them – If you suspect your lawyer has in some way misused the retainer money you have supplied them with, then you need to contact our team today. While filing a complaint with the Arizona State Bar will be helpful, you will need the team at Miller Kory Rowe LLP to help you file a lawsuit to recoup the money you have lost.
  • The Attorney Settles Your Case Without Informing or Consulting You – Many of the personal injury cases will settle out of court. Getting the right amount of compensation in a settlement will require the help of an experienced lawyer. If the lawyer you have hired settles your case without informing or consulting you, suing for legal malpractice is a must. In order for legal malpractice to be settled in a case like this, we will have to prove the settlement your lawyer got was for far less than you deserved.
  • Your Case Is Thrown Out of Court Due to Your Lawyer’s Negligence – For a lawsuit to be successful, a lawyer will have to fill out the appropriate paperwork. When a case is thrown out of court due to a lawyer’s negligence, you will need to take action. Our team of attorneys can help you get justice when these types of situations arise. Waiting too long to take action in a legal malpractice case may lead to the statute of limitations running out.

We Will Fight for You!

When you feel as if you have been wronged by another attorney, the team at Miller Kory Rowe LLP will fight for you. If you are unsure whether or not your particular case is legal malpractice, we can help you figure things out. Our lawyers are quite familiar with the laws and statutes regarding legal malpractice. We will use out extensive knowledge of these laws to get you the justice you deserve.

At Miller Kory Rowe LLP, you will be  able to get the help  needed to  get through  this difficult  experience. Call us at        (602) 737-0342 to schedule a consultation to find out what type of assistance we can provide you.