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Nursing Homes’ Quality Improving, Some Still Lagging Behind

Since 2009, 564 nursing homes have consistently received a one-star (out of five) federal rating each year.   One in ten nursing homes in Georgia have repeatedly received the lowest possible marks.  In Pennsylvania and Louisiana, 8% of all nursing homes were at the one-star level.  The lowest possible score is given to homes that prove to be well below the average quality of the other homes in their respective state, showing problems like regularly dirty equipment and linens, mistreatment of patients, and having unlicensed caregivers or specialists.  Federal data shows that the majority of the 564 homes—representing 77,315 beds—stuck at the bottom were for-profit establishments owned by chain companies.  However, overall, quality nationwide is improving.  The percentage of nursing homes with a one or two-star rating has fallen from 40% in 2009 to 35% in 2011.  Also, the percentage of four and five-star rated homes increased from 38% to 43% in that time

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