Nursing Home Patients Matter

Often the lawyers who defend nursing homes and their corporate owners argue that our elderly and vulnerable clients don’t matter as a way of decreasing the damages in an abuse or neglect case. We hear defense lawyers argue: “The resident, who suffered from dementia, couldn’t feel what was happening to her, so the abuse she suffered didn’t really matter,” or “The person was old and he didn’t have much life left, so that life wasn’t worth very much.”

The truth is, our elderly population and nursing home residents do matter.  They matter to their families.  They matter to those who knew them.  They matter to all of us because how we treat our elderly is a barometer of our collective humanity.

A friend of ours, California attorney Jim Morgan, sent us the following YouTube clip this morning.  The clip shows what those of us that sue nursing homes for abuse and neglect have known for years.  Our clients know joy.  Our clients sing.  Our clients feel.  Our clients matter.