Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

New App for Researching Nursing Homes

New-App-for-Researching-NursingNeed help finding out what nursing home is best for your loved one? There’s an app for that. Digital First Media has partnered with the Pulitzer Prize-winning ProPublica to launch “Nursing Home Inspect,” a program that allows users to view and compare almost 118,000 citations against 14,565 nursing homes across the country since January of 2011. The app can be found online at, with new reports being added every month.

Nursing Home Inspect’s key feature is its search box, a tool not available with Medicare’s online nursing home comparisons.  Users can type in any key word related to any particular deficiency they may be concerned about (such as “skin”) for reports of patients experiencing skin breakdown, like bed sores—and instantly receive every time that word was used in a report.  Not all returned results will be regarding a problem, as the app simply shows the user every instance in which the word was used in any kind of report. To receive the best results for the issue you’re concerned about, try making your search as specific as possible.

As the sheer number of reported problems may not accurately portray to users the quality of a nursing home, Nursing Home Inspect also rates the severity of each problem and displays a severity range next to each home. The severity of a problem is rated on a scale from A-L, with L being the most serious of cases. However, one shortcoming of the app that those in the nursing home industry have been quick to point out is that it fails to report the positives found at each home or the work a home has done to right itself following a reported violation.

No one source will necessarily provide enough information to make the important decision of which facility to use for a loved one or personally. The app is another valuable tool in an increasing arsenal. With our experience in handling nursing home and elder abuse matters, we are also of course, willing to provide the benefit of our experience in such cases to our clients.

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