Medical Malpractice

MKR Presents at UA Medical School on Elder Abuse and State Bar Seminar on Trucking

State BarIn October, Jeff Miller and Gabe Kory, Assistant Professors of Practice at the University of Arizona College of Medicine—Phoenix, presented to the medical students on Elder Abuse and Neglect. Using research, statistics, and actual case studies, Jeff and Gabe identified common situations where abuse and neglect occur, as well as clues to such abuse and neglect. Doctors have unique opportunities to spot early signs of potential abuse and neglect and an obligation to report such abuse if they see it. The University of Arizona Medical School, through their capstone program, attempts to educate and sensitize its future doctors to such issues and encourages their advocacy.

Medical School on ElderJeff Miller also presented at the State Bar of Arizona’s continuing legal education seminar on trucking litigation. The recent collision involving comedian Tracy Morgan, provided a useful example of the failure to follow federal regulations for the operation of an 18-wheeler, resulting in catastrophic injuries and death. The driver of the Wal-Mart truck that hit the Morgan limousine was alleged to have been awake for 28 hours at the time of the collision. The driver drove from his home in Georgia to Delaware, roughly 800 miles, before even beginning his shift, which took him from Delaware to the location of the crash in New Jersey. Since the collision, Wal-Mart has instituted a 250 mile limitation on the distance drivers can live from their point of departure.  In our experience handling trucking cases, driver fatigue is perhaps the most frequent cause of significant accidents.