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Mickey Rooney: Actor, Entertainer, Elder Abuse Victim

Mickey Rooney: Actor, Entertainer, Elder Abuse Victim

When actor Mickey Rooney died recently at 93, having worked in show business for 80 years, we might have assumed that a Hollywood star of such magnitude would have made a fortune and been able to leave a substantial legacy. We would be wrong. Probate documents recently filed indicate Rooney’s estate has a value of  only $18,000.

Mickey RooneyAccording to Rooney in statements before he died, he was the victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation by a  stepson who managed his finances. He has a judgment against that stepson for over $2.5 million which was never collected.

In Arizona, an action for elder abuse can be taken against anyone who financially exploits a vulnerable adult. As part of our work on behalf of elder abuse victims and their survivors, we often see signs of financial abuse,  whether it is by a family member, a financial adviser, a scam artist, or by a facility which receives the elderly person’s money and then does not use it as intended.

If you suspect financial exploitation of a loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us for an investigation, evaluation and  explanation of your rights.