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Lodestar Day Resource Center’s “Home Run”

Lodestar-Day-Resource-CenterMiller Kory Rowe was proud to help sponsor the Lodestar Day Resource Center’s “Home Run” at the Phoenix Zoo.  The LDRC is a non-profit, community benefit organization designed to serve as a gateway to self-sufficiency and success for people experiencing homelessness.  Jeff Miller was one of the founding board members of the organization.  The “Home Run” consisted of a 5K race, a one mile fun-run, and tons of other fun activities for all ages.  The event was a huge success, with over 600 people in attendance and over $25,000 raised to help the LDRC in its fight to end homeless in Maricopa County.  The LDRC has a vision of serving as a national model for how to fight and end homelessness and the massive support the event received goes to show how much their innovative and effective methods are being noticed.

Despite serving thousands of clients every day, the Lodestar Day Resource Center still takes time to care for each person’s individual needs.  Their clients are incredibly diverse, but many of them struggle with addiction, mental illness, or the pain of coping with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.  The LDRC recognizes that there is no single “solution” that can help every person overcome their homelessness.  Instead, they offer a tremendous variety of services to help treat the personal needs of every client.  After a client’s immediate needs are met, the LDRC goes the extra mile to try and inspire and motivate them to overcome their homelessness through programs like Toastmasters, computer training, chess club, book club, art classes, ballroom dancing classes, plant therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and more.  They work to supply their clients with several tools for fun, stimulation, and success, because they know that in order for clients to truly turn their lives around and leave the streets for good, they must find power in themselves and see in the world in a new light.

The Lodestar Day Resource Center is located on the Human Services Campus in downtown Phoenix.  Their street address is 1125 West Jackson Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85007, or call them at (602) 393-9930.  Please visit their website,, for more information.  Ending homelessness is in everyone’s best interest. We recognize and support this organization and their quest to end homelessness and hope our friends and clients will too.