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Is Your Local Hospital Safe?

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Is Your Local Hospital Safe

Using publicly available data from 26 evidence-based, national measures of hospital safety, Hospital Safety Score has created a scoring system which can help you make more  informed decisions about where you would like to go for your medical care. The site ranks hospitals by letter grade, A being the best, and F the worst. Currently, seven hospitals in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area are graded an A, five a B, and six a C.

The scorecard has its limitations and doesn’t contain all pertinent information in making an informed decision. For example,  the site does not grade on factors such as quality of surgeons (highly important if you’re having surgery) or level of expertise (highly important if you have a complex issue and helpful regardless). Instead,  it looks at how effective the hospital is in preventing infections and eliminating medical and medication errors. These are certainly  important factors, because such errors account for nearly 180,000 deaths per year. As the site points out, even with the best surgeons, if the hospital cannot adequately protect you after the surgery, then you may be better off without the expertise.

This conclusion could be disputed as to any individual circumstance, even if statistically supported, so it important to use this tool with the recognition of its bias and limitations. Although we would probably rank the hospitals differently based on cases we have handled and what we have learned in the process, the following is  how Phoenix area  hospitals are currently graded on the site:

A grade

Banner Desert Medical Center

Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center

Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center

Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital

Mayo Clinic Hospital

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Maryvale Hospital

B grade

Banner Boswell Medical Hospital

John C Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center

Chandler Regional Medical Center

Banner Baywood Medical Center

C grade

Banner Gateway Medical Center

Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

Maricopa Medical Center

Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

Banner Estrella Medical Center

John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital

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