Video Transcript:
Question: What should I look for in hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Teri M. Rowe: There’s a couple things to look for when you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer. Obviously, one is experience. You want to know that your attorney has done it before. Experience in a courtroom, if you’re if your case might involve litigation, courtroom experience required. Also, you know someone that you’re comfortable with and that you trust because you’re likely going to have a pretty long relationship with this person and it’s difficult for us as lawyers to do our best jobs without having a good relationship with our clients and knowing that they can trust us and we can trust them. Other things to look for with an attorney are have they handled this type of case before? Not every personal injury attorney does nursing home abuse for example or medical malpractice. So it’s important to know that they have some familiarity in the area that you’re looking for help with. Also, another thing to ask them about is their results. You know what have they done in cases like this before and what that expectation can be for them moving.