Video Transcript:
Teri M. Rowe: I’ve been a lawyer for more than a decade. Throughout my career, I’ve always handled personal injury cases. In the beginning I also did family law and criminal defense which surprisingly helped in a lot of what I do as a personal injury lawyer. It allowed me to spend a lot of time in trial and arguing to judges and opposing counsel and becoming more comfortable in front of a jury. Although I’ve now reached a point where I no longer do family law or criminal defense, I do personal injury, but I always have built that experience and I built on that experience to I think improve my skills as a trial attorney.

I did not start as a lawyer, I began as an engineer. I worked both for NASA and I work for the National Science Foundation teaching children and teaching teachers how to improve their science skills and their science teaching and I found that to be very rewarding. When I became an engineer, I was lacking that experience in engineering and so after a little while of being an engineer I decided to go to law school with the hope that I would find some sort of reward that rewarding feeling again in trying to help people. I fell upon a job basically as a legal assistant in a personal injury firm doing class action cases and I dealt every day with people who had had some catastrophic loss or death and I was able to help them and that convinced me that I should go to law school and that is how I began in this field doing personal injury law. There’s an expression that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life and I think that holds true for me. Every day I come in to an office where I get to help someone, every day I’m helping people who have suffered some of the worst losses of their life and that in and of itself is the most rewarding part of my practice and kind of the second most rewarding part of that is that a lot of what I do involves nursing homes and big corporate companies and to the extent that what we do here can affect a change for the better and help more people even than our clients that to is one of the things I find most rewarding in this practice.