Video Transcript:
Question: Can a hospice organization be held responsible if its employees are negligent?

Teri M. Rowe: Yes and with respect to hospice, we’ve been seeing more and more hospice cases. There’s more facilities becoming involved in hospice care, providing hospice care to residents or patients who are otherwise long-term care patients. The majority of people we have found define hospice as end of life and when hospice is considered to be end of life there’s a tendency to not provide all of the services or provide for all of the needs of the person. Hospice truly, if you look at the definitions and the advertising for hospice, they provide comfort care they’re not end of life care they provide care for the life that remains for the person who may have a terminal illness. The life expectancy could be a few days, it could be a year but nonetheless the responsibility of a hospice provider is to provide care and comfort for a person until their last day.