Video Transcript:
Question: Who was a mentor to you in the practice of law and what did you learn from them?

Gabriel V. Kory: I’ve been lucky to have a few different mentors in the practice of law. When I first got started I worked for a small firm that defended hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the lawyer that I worked with was a female lawyer who in addition to being a lawyer was a nurse for the vast majority of her career and she taught me two very important lessons. The first was if you’re going to do this, that is involved in medical malpractice or elder abuse type of cases, you better know the medicine and the second thing that she taught me had to do with compassion. She had a way about her both in a courtroom as well as in her everyday life where she was very compassionate with the people that she dealt with and that influenced me a great deal and then if you’re going to do this line of work you need to dedicate the time into understanding the medicine but not to forget the human component of this practice and I learned that from compassion from her. In addition, I’m actually partners with the mentor that I’ve had throughout my practice as a plaintiff lawyer or a lawyer representing folks who or their families that have been the victims of elder abuse and neglect or medical malpractice. So I’ve been lucky enough to now be partners with the person who mentored me throughout that process.