With nursing home abuse on the rise, you can’t be too careful about the nursing home you select for yourself or a loved one. While there is no single indicator of a bad nursing home, and while even the very best nursing homes occasionally inadvertently hire a bad employee, there are signs you can watch out for, which may be indicators of nursing home abuse.

Below are a few signs to be on the look out for when evaluating a nursing home.

Watch the Staff

Do you see staff interacting well? Are they supportive of each other and ready to lend a hand? Or do they spend their time standing about, not interacting with the residents, or fighting among themselves. When there is a shift change, is there time scheduled for day shift employees to communicate information to night shift employees? Is there another system in place?

Ask About Turn Over Ratios

You will want your loved one to have caregivers who she knows and can come to trust. A nursing home with constant staff turn over won’t be able to provide that. Furthermore, a nursing home with constant turn over may have underlying problems not readily apparent.

If You Have Already Placed Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

While it is important to carefully inspect nursing homes ahead of time, you should stay vigilant after you place your loved one in a nursing home. Watch for signs that may be indicators of abuse. These signs can include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant changes in behavior of your loved one, such as bursts of anger or despair
  • Bruises on the skin, particularly on wrists or ankles, that may indicate the use of physical restraints
  • Scratches on the skin
  • Irrational fear of nursing home staff

Watch for these signs and ask questions. Don’t rush to judgment but do ask the staff what is going on. Watch for staff that is evasive, deflects questions, puts the blame on you, or chooses not to investigate to find the answers to your questions about “what happened to cause this?” If your loved one stumbled and fell, and this accounts for the bruise, this should be documented.

If You Suspect Your Loved One Is Being Abused Or Neglected in a Nursing Home

If you suspect your loved one is being either abused or neglected in a nursing home, contact the lawyers at Miller Kory Rowe LLP. We work hard on our clients’ behalf, seeking compensation for the costs of medical bills, pain and suffering, and compensation for disfigurement or disability.

Call (602) 737-0342 today for a free consultation. We will discuss the specific facts and circumstances that concern you about your loved one’s care. Should you have a case, we will work with you to take the appropriate actions, including stopping the abuse and making sure others don’t suffer the same fate in the future.