The Real Cost of a Traumatic Brain Injury

More than 2.8 million people sustain some form of brain injury each year. Of these injuries, 282,000 will be hospitalized with serious injury and 50,000 will die from their injuries. Sadly, serious traumatic brain injuries can cause significant pain and suffering for the accident victim and their families. These injuries can be life-changing and can result in significant medical expenses throughout the victim’s life.

Understanding Brain Injuries

The majority of brain injuries are caused by car accidents, falls, and sporting accidents. Often, however, there are no overt signs of a cut or bruise on the head following an accident. This is because a large portion of brain injuries are “closed head injuries”. This occurs when the brain slams into the hard skull bones, resulting in bruising, swelling, and bleeding inside the skull. Closed head injuries can range in severity from a minor concussion, to a severe, life-altering, traumatic brain injury. Sadly, many brain injuries cause symptoms which last a lifetime and may even change the personality of the victim.

Economic Costs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The financial costs of caring for a loved one with a traumatic brain injury are staggering. According to the CDC, the lifetime cost of caring for a victim with traumatic brain injury is as high as $4 million. This is just the economic costs associated with the injury, such as medical care, rehabilitation and long-term care. For example, severe traumatic brain injury victims spend an average of 55 days in acute rehabilitation, which can cost at least $1,000 a day.

The more severe the injury, the more money accident victims need to deal with the aftermath of the accident, their injury, and their new life. An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney can help you put the pieces of your life back together again and obtain the money to tackle all of the issues and complications that often occur after a brain injury.

Emotional Costs of Traumatic Brain Injury

Unfortunately, economic costs are not the only costs associated with traumatic brain injuries. Injured victims may never fully be the same and this can cause a devastating ripple effect through their entire life. Victims who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may experience a wide range of life-changing symptoms, including:

  • Lowered attention span or trouble concentrating
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Decrease in problem solving
  • Inability to control impulses
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviors
  • Changes in vision, hearing, and other senses
  • Difficulty walking or maintaining balance
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Bowel and bladder issues
  • Aggression
  • Wide mood swings

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When you or someone you love has suffered a serious traumatic brain injury, it is important to know that life may never be the same. You may require routine and constant medical care and you may find that your injury prevents you from providing for your family in the way you did before.

At Miller Kory Rowe, LLP, our Phoenix brain injury lawyers help victims of catastrophic injury accidents put their lives back together again. We know the complications that can arise after a serious brain injury and we work tirelessly to help our injured victims recover the money they need to tackle all of those complications. Contact us today at (602) 461-8640 for a free initial consultation and review of your case. We are ready to fight for you!

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