Tips For Preventing Car Accidents: School Zone Safety

School zones are safe havens for students, but increasingly, they have become danger zones as drivers of trucks and cars fail to exercise the proper protocols, causing tragic car accidents.

School zone safety has become increasingly concerning as studies have found that middle school and high school students are more likely to walk through school zones while distracted by their mobile devices.

As a result, many students are unaware of their environment while in a school zone, and are more likely to suffer injuries in car accidents due to that distraction.

Here are some tips you can follow as a driver to help lower the number of accidents in school zones.

Always Yield To Pedestrians In a School Zone To Help Prevent Car Accidents

Pay attention to the flashing lights at a school zone and make sure to yield to student pedestrians at a crosswalk or intersection.

Drivers barreling through flashing lights can cause an accident, especially if a lagging student rushes across the road.

Avoid Passing Cars in School Zones

No matter how much of a rush you’re in, don’t pass cars in a school zone.

Vehicles can block your view of small students crossing the road, and increasing the possibility of hitting students while rushing to your destination.

Avoid Passing a Bus At a School Zone

One of the common causes of school zone accidents is drivers who fail to obey school bus stop signs.

This is highly dangerous because bus drivers utilize this stop sign when children are loading onto the bus or getting off the bus. If you ignore the stop sign, you could strike a student who is crossing the road after getting off the bus.

Load and Unload Your Children In the School Zone

Make sure you drop off your kids in designated drop-off and pick-up zones set up by their school to ensure their safety.

Pursuing a School Zone Accident Claim

Despite the wisdom of driving safely in school zones, some drivers fail to practice these methods, which can result in car accidents that hurt children and teenagers. After these accidents, it’s important for you to hire an experienced personal injury law firm to help you file a claim.

School zone accidents can cause devastating injuries because a majority of them involve vehicles hitting pedestrians. At Miller Kory Rowe LLP, we are driven to help you get the justice you need and deserve. Please call us at (602) 461-8640 for a free consultation.

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