MKR Establishes New Aviation Law in Arizona

Miller just wrapped up the last of a series of claims involving a plane crash that resulted from the aborted takeoff of a US Airways flight. Doug and his co-counsel represented seven claimants in all, and two were travelers from the country of Northern Ireland.

In the process, their legal work established new law in Arizona.  The claims of the Irish passengers, as international travelers, were governed by international treaty, set forth in what is known in aviation law as The Montreal Convention.  Doug’s case resulted in a published decision from US federal district court establishing that Montreal Convention claims are properly brought in Arizona state court, and are not removable to federal court.  This significantly expands the legal options available to international travelers who wish to litigate their claims in state court.

Greig v. U.S. Airways, Inc., 28 F.Supp.3d 973 (Dist. Ct. Arizona 2014), United States District Court, D. Arizona, June 26, 2014.

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