Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation

Our partner, Jeff Miller, and his family have been involved with Rancho Feliz Charitable Foundation for nearly 25 years. The organization provides opportunities for the people of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, many of whom often go without basic human needs. The focus of the organization has been an exchange program which supports and encourages opportunity in this very impoverished border town.

The centerpiece of those efforts has been the construction of an entire neighborhood called Vecinos Dignos sin Fronteras, which means “Worthy Neighbors Without Borders.” Vecinos is the largest Rancho Feliz building project, stretching across 3.5 acres and including 42 homes, a childcare facility for working mothers, an education/recreation building, interior parks and a sport court. The persons who have the opportunity to live there must give back by making affordable payments, performing service work within the community and keeping their children in school.

Our law firm participates in the Rancho Feliz scholarship program by sponsoring two scholars named Carlos and Gabriel who live in the Vecinos community and attend a private English immersion school in Agua Prieta. Attorneys Jeff Miller and Gabe Kory recently spent three days in Agua Prieta visiting our scholars and the Vecinos community. Jeff and Gabe, along with other volunteers and residents, assisted Rancho Feliz with community service projects including putting together and handing out 1000 bags of food intended to feed a family of five for a week. The experience was profoundly moving and a testament to the good that can be done in our communities and our world with just a little time and effort.

If you would like to learn more about Rancho Feliz or their scholarship program you can visit their website at Rancho Feliz or view the YouTube video below:

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