Tell Nursing Homes to Stop Stealing Seniors’ Rights

Please help us ensure that America’s seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities don’t have to give up their constitutional rights, by signing an important petition today.

There is fine print buried in nursing home admissions contracts requiring arbitration, that is depriving nursing home residents and their families of their rights. The nursing homes, if they even bother to point out this clause at all, will often tell the families that this language is there to protect THEM – that arbitration of any disputes is easier and less expensive for the resident and their family.  It is a lie.  We know from experience that private arbitration of an elder abuse claim is many times more expensive than litigating the same claim in the state court system.  The nursing home admissions process is stressful. Many nursing home corporations push residents and families into signing these take-it-or-leave-it contracts that deny their right to sue — even in instances when residents suffer severe neglect, serious injuries, or even death.

Nursing homes should be places where elderly individuals can thrive peacefully and with dignity in a setting supported by caring professionals.

Please sign this petition that says:  Forced arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts must be banned in order to restore the rights of residents and their families.

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