Far too many trucking accidents are caused by trucking companies cutting corners on safety measures to maximize profits. Let’s face it—the entire trucking industry is built on getting goods delivered in the quickest and cheapest way possible. The faster goods are delivered, the more money the trucking company makes.

In fact, the trucking industry brought in more than $700 billion in revenue during 2017. Many trucking companies cut vital safety procedures, reduce maintenance schedules, or fail to properly train drivers so they can maximize profits. Some of the more common ways trucking companies cut corners include:

  • Reducing maintenance schedules. Reducing maintenance schedules, particularly on brakes, can lead to disastrous consequences for other motorists. Some trucking companies even unhook the truck’s front brakes to reduce wear and tear on the high-ticket rotors and brake pads. In an emergency situation, however, these tactics can prevent a truck from stopping in a timely manner, which may lead to fatal accidents.
  • Breaking rules. Drivers are encouraged to break the rules, such as driving over the recommended hours. Both the trucking company, as well as the truck driver, make more money when the driver delivers the contents quickly. Because of this, truck drivers may not be completely honest when they take their breaks and when they are on the road. Fortunately, electronic logging devices exist to keep fatigued truck drivers off the road. After an accident, your attorney may need to review the data from the ELD to determine if the truck driver was following all of the FMCSA rules and regulations regarding hours of service. Truck drivers who drive longer than 11 hours may be extremely fatigued. Drivers could have slower reaction times or could even fall asleep at the wheel. A significant number of large truck accidents are caused by fatigued and overworked truck drivers.
  • Overloaded trucks. Packed trucks are another way trucking companies maximize profits. While there is a weight limit, there are few weigh stations—and experienced truck drivers generally know how to avoid the weigh stations. An overloaded truck, however, can be much more difficult to control, particularly in situations where a sudden stop or quick maneuver is required.
  • New drivers – Trucking companies may cut corners by putting new drivers out on the roadways before they are ready. A driver who is not properly licensed or properly trained can make errors in judgment or be uncertain about how to react in an emergency situation, leading to a catastrophic trucking accident.


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